To nurture the curiosity and talents of our students, RTTS offers plenteous opportunities though various co-curricular activities. Students are imparted quality training in various art forms. Students are also given opportunities to participate in several cultural, artistic and social events through various associations. It is mandatory that each student participate in one of the co-curricular activities and be a member of one of the students club.

The co-curricular activities offered are- MARTIAL ARTS, MUSIC, GAMES, DANCE, SINGING and PAINTING etc.

The School aims to increase the child’s group building and social skills which fuels self-confidence. Extra-curricular activities motivate children and make them look forward to each day at school. The school provides activities such as music, dance, speech, drama, art and craft, yoga and a host of various other exciting courses. Specialists pay special attention to the child’s holistic development and tap each of their skills to harness their complete potential.


Regular sports and exercise are essential for good health as they tone the muscles, strengthen the bones and make the heart and lungs work better thereby improving blood circulation and providing constant nourishment to the millions of cells in our body. This plays an important role in helping students to eliminate modern-day stress. “A healthy body makes a healthy mind”.


  • Our children are taken to blind schools, deaf and dumb institutes, orphanages and old age homes to generate a sense of responsibility towards the society.
  • School also organises awareness campaigns from time to time by conducting workshops.


The school has four houses : Carnations (Red), Pansies  (Blue), Daffodil (Yellow), Lotus (White). A Student is given the house at the time of admission and then he/she represents his/her house in various inter-house competitions held in the school from time to time. The inter-house competitions range from sports to music, from art to elocution, from theatre to debate. These events are organized separately for juniors & seniors. At the end of the session the house which is at the top of the points tally gets the prestigious best house trophy. The school also has students council with office beares from classes 9 & 10 who manages different arena of school life.