Examination Assessment (Nursury to Prep)

The pre-primary The pre-primary students have no formal assessment. The student's performance and progress are calculated using formative tools which are simple and ungraded. This style of assessment assists the teacher to guide the student and help parents to understand the child's performance.
1. Observing and investigating children's behaviors.
2. Analyzing and evaluating the child's progress concerning set goals.
3. Maintain necessary documents which record the child's performance to aid the student in a weak area.

Examination Assessment(I to V)

The students from classes’ I-V have a formal assessment in the form of periodic tests which is conducted thrice a year, one half-yearly assessment and one annual assessment before the completion of the academic year.

Examination Assessment(VI to VIII)

We have divided the academic year in Term I and Term II. We also conduct a formal assessment as follows:
1.Three periodic tests
2.One half-yearly assessment
3.One final assessment