Examination Assessment (Nursury to Prep)

The pre-primary students have no formal assessment. The student's performance and progress is gauged using formative tools which are informal and ungraded. This style of assessment helps the teacher to guide the student as well as help parents to understand the child's performance.
1. Observing and Investigating children's individual behaviors as they spend time in class.
2. Analysing and evaluating the child's progress in relation to set goals.
3. Maintain relevant documents which record the child's performance in order to help the student in a  weak area.

Examination Assessment(I to V)

The students from classes I-V have a formal assessment by way of periodic tests held thrice a year, one half yearly assessment and one annual assessment before the close of the academic year.

Examination Assessment(VI to VIII)

The academic year is divided into two terms; Term I is for the period between April - September and Term II is between October - March. These classes will also have a formal assessment as follows:

  1. Three periodic tests
  2. One half yearly assessment
  3. One final assessment
  4. Classes VI-VIII will also have short tests and subject enrichment activities scheduled throughout the academic year

 Promotion Policy

    • A student must score 33% marks separately in each theory as well as practical for the promotion to next class.
    • Internal grade will be awarded on nine point grade scale
    • Work experience
    • Health and physical education
    • General studies