1. Fees must be paid as per fee schedule between the 1st and the 10th of the designated month.
  2. Team fees will be charged in October along with the monthly fee.
  3. In case a cheque is dishonoured for any reason it will be treated as non-receipt of fee and penal charges of 500/- plus late fee will be charged.
  4. Fees once paid will not be refunded.
  5. Parents are advised to keep the fee receipts in safe custody and produce them, if required.
  6. Scholastic session commences from 1st April ends on 31st March.
  7. A student who has taken transfer certificate and seeks re-admission in school would be treated as a new admission and he/she will have to pay an admission fee at the revised rates.
  8. The name of a student may be struck off the rolls by the Head of the school on account of non-payment of fees and other dues after 20 days of the due date for payment.
  9. If all dues are not cleared before each examination the student may not be permitted to appear in the examination.
  10. School Managing Committee reserves the right to revise the fees structure, if need arises.
  11. Twelve months tuition fees & eleven months conveyance charges will be counted from the date of admission & all fees must be deposited before annual exams.


  1. Conveyance charges have to be paid along with school fee by the students availing school conveyance services.
  2. Eleven month’s conveyance charges are payable in an academic session.
  3. No rebate for conveyance will be given for temporary non-use of the transport.
  4. One month’s notice must be given in writing for the withdrawal of a student from using the conveyance facility or one month’s charges must be paid in lieu of the notice period.