Primary School Programme - Classes I to V


The Primary School Programme promotes analysis and exploration and strengthens children's competence in various skills such as reading, writing, listening, speaking, and many more.

We support students to learn Information and Communications Technology and its advantages. The equal accent is given to individual, short group and whole-group activities, to develop children's ability to operate across all levels. Physical Education expands sports skills and builds health awareness. Exposure to the team and individual sports foster a feeling of team spirit and individual effort and achievement.

The broad range of curricular and co-curricular possibilities offered helps teach in children's belief and obedience. The focus on improving communication skills supports them to comprehend the value of education, as it shows in their ability to represent themselves, in addition to promoting pragmatic skills.

Field trips, excursions, activities, projects, and presentations contribute to experiential knowledge chances. Dance, Fine Arts, and many more support well-rounded growth. Students are prompted to participate in inter-house aesthetic and sports matches. Book, newspaper, and magazine reading activities develop children's knowledge of the world. Assemblies, concerts and drama productions develop their confidence.

Students' actions in community service ventures from Class III onwards refine them to the needs of their area and the world around them. They visit old-age homes and orphanages to understand their positions and also to help impoverished children. The faculty of the junior school understands that children learn most useful in a nurturing environment-one that is safe, happy and intellectually challenging. Growth and academic considerations form decisions on the curriculum, organization and regular life at school.

Actual feedback is given based on a child’s efforts, ideas and achievements, help first program children meet challenges with confidence and courage. This way they develop skill, confidence, and pride.

Examination and Assessment

The disciples from classes I-V have a formal assessment in the form of periodic tests held thrice a year, one half-yearly assessment and one annual assessment prior to the end of the scholastic year.

Please note:

  1. The report cards of classes I to V will reveal ONLY grades and NO MARKS.