Education is the process of questioning in order to re-discover what we already knew

Discovering knowledge is the province of every human being . We believe in leaving ideologies behind and treat each student as an individual who has the treasure of great ideas. We provide an ideal situation in which students can discover how to present their ideas, both verbally and artistically. Our main concern is to boost the student's urge to learning and participating in extracurricular activities as well. Walking on this path will teach our students to judge their own worth, feel confident & worthy and this will create an impression in their mind that education is an exploratory voyage. .We value this process.

  • Discovering the potential of every child.
  • Boost the urge to learn new things.
  • Leaving ideologies behind and seeing each student as an individual.
  • Giving children the best education with the help of extremely experienced faculty.

SPOKEN ENGLISH- Our approach to it

Only knowledge of the language is not enough. Students need to know how to use the language for communication and self expression. We have set the norm - fluency before accuracy.  Hence students need to converse compulsory in English.


The school morning assembly has unique features. It sets the tone for the whole day by directing the thought of pupils towards moral and spiritual values. Students of the house on duty present various short items every day which serve as food for thought for them and enhance their humanistic and aesthetic sensibility. There is mass singing (English & Hindi), prayers, thought for the day, news along with the National Song and National Anthem.